I have been speaking professionally to business audiences all over the world for the last fifteen years. From corporates to non-profits I have worked with audiences using charisma, storytelling and advanced presentation skills to encourage excellence for personal and organisational excellence.

David was a terrific addition to the line-up for Silicon Beach 2017. Thanks to his super engaging delivery and thoroughly inspiring content, the audience was left wanting more. Which, as a conference organiser, is the perfect state you want your audience left in. A consummate professional and a lovely chap too, David McQueen is more than a ‘safe pair of hands’, he is brilliant speaker.


I have a reputation as an inspiring, humorous and engaging speaker, who leaves audiences thinking about taking positive action long after my delivery has ended. Delivering keynote speeches for organisations for up to 60 minutes on how effective planning, communication and action can positively affect your leadership, career and business.

I like to take complex concepts and information and deliver them in a simple, easy to understand manner that creates buy-in.  I am all about audience engagement and focus on a delivery style makes it easy for audiences to take on board the information quickly and effectively.


I have been fortunate enough to speak for a number of clients around the globe including amongst others

  • Barclaycard
  • JP Morgan
  • Virgin Startups
  • Shell
  • BP
  • Asda
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Mawer
  • Societe Generale and
  • Credit Agricole.

To find out what topics I speak about, visit my business page or get samples of my speaker content feel free to contact my team.